Services available

Sport and Health Sciences, University of Exeter offers a Sports Science Service to individual sports performers, sports teams and squads, and individuals in the local community. Purpose built laboratories are equipped with state of the art facilities, allowing thorough testing in the areas of biomechanics, physiology and psychology. These laboratories are run by expert staff, ensuring appropriate testing and interpretation of results. The services provided can be divided into the fields of Sports Biomechanics, Sport and Exercise Physiology and Sport, Exercise and Health Psychology.

Sports Biomechanics

Staff: Sharon Dixon BSc PhD, Victoria Stiles BSc PhD

  • Video Recording: Selected video views can be recorded as required, allowing analysis of technique using repeated playback, slow motion and freeze frame.
  • Technique Analysis: An optoelectronic measurement system can monitor movement for detailed analysis of technique, providing accurate, real-time measurement of variables such as range of movement. Typically this detail can be used to assess the ability of performers to repeat a skill, or for the comparison of technique with elite performers or previous successful performance.
  • Gait Analysis: The combined use of movement analysis and measurement of pressure beneath the foot provides detail on the function of the leg and foot during walking or running. This information can be used to identify possible causes of injury occurrence and to identify the effects of different footwear and shoe inserts.

Sport and Exercise Physiology

We provide physiology support to professional sports clubs, please contact us to discuss contract consultancy.  We currently do not offer physiological support to individual athletes, but this is in development at the Streatham sports park for late 2016 – we will link to the appropriate page when this is active!

Sport, Exercise and Health Psychology

Staff: Melvyn Hillsdon PhD, Tim Rees BSc PhD, Sam Vine, BSc, MSc, Mark Wilson, BSc PhD

We can provide individual consultations, on-site support and/or educational training workshops to enhance sport performance or health and well-being across the lifespan. Techniques include the following:

  • Dr Sam Vine (CPsychol) Psychology and Human movement science:
    Specialising in eye tracking solutions, simulated/synthetic training, skill acquisition/learning and performance under pressure. Find out more about Eye-track Solutions.
  • Performance Profiling: developing awareness through identifying strengths and weaknesses. Basis for goal setting and ongoing evaluation.
  • Performance enhancement skills including goal setting, concentration and arousal monitoring and self-regulation, building self-confidence, imagery, problem solving, improving communication and building team spirit.
  • Attentional re-training using eye tracking technology and other psycho-physiological equipment. 
  • Motivation and behaviour change through appropriate counselling (eg, motivational interviewing and client-centred approaches).
  • Making choices about physical activity, diet and smoking cessation.