Dr Sharon Dixon in a Biomechanics laboratory

Biomechanics laboratories

Biomechanics research aims to improve our understanding of injury mechanisms of the lower limb, identifying ways to reduce the incidence of injury and aid rehabilitation. The School has three biomechanics laboratories; two for motion analysis and one a dedicated gait analysis lab.

Motion analysis laboratories

The motion analysis laboratories contain force plates and cameras to enable impact force analysis, used for footwear and sports surfaces development. One of these labs is primarily used for teaching, enabling students to gain practical experience in the assessment techniques used in biomechanical analyses.

Gait analysis laboratory

The gait analysis laboratory has adjustable force plates to allow bilateral gait analysis of running for individuals of differing stride length. It contains an eight-camera real time peak motion analysis system (120 Hz). The lab is used to study muscle force characteristics, such as electromechanical delay time and rate of force development - factors which may contribute to the aetiology of musculoskeletal injury. A treatment room adjoins this lab.