Careers in sport

Students listening to a speaker in the Great Hall.

Careers in Sport

On Friday 15th January 2016 approximately 300 Sport and Health Science students attended a bespoke and unique Careers in Sport day in the Great Hall and Forum Street on the Streatham Campus at the University of Exeter. The programme for the day included keynote speakers, question and answer panel sessions, and an exhibition of sport science companies which gave students a chance to network with employers.

Dr Steve Ingham, Director of Science and Technical Development at English Institute of Sport started the day with an inspirational speech encouraging students to go above and beyond to stand out from the crowd. Dr Ingham, also a sports physiologist, pointed out that success in sport science depends as much on strong interpersonal skills, as professional knowledge and qualifications. Dr Ingham also highlighted the value of  volunteering and self-generated placements as he believes this an invaluable learning experience.

A series of panel sessions followed covering strength and conditioning, coaching, teaching, nutrition, biomechanics and anti-doping. All speakers described their career paths to date and emphasised the need to gain experience to make your CV stand out and to demonstrate your passion. In addition, Royal Marines Commandos gave enthusiastic speeches drawing on the transferrable skills developed in the armed forces.

Damian Welch, Exeter Chiefs, concluded the day with a speech about his career as a professional rugby player, and explored the differences between entering as a graduate compared to an academy.  Damian highlighted the benefits of going to University and how it creates well rounded individuals, and the academic background provides a contingency plan for a fairly short career path.

Careers in Sport Jan 2016

Date: 3 February 2016

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