Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Prof Sir Steve Smith and student Anna Collin

Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Prof Sir Steve Smith and student Anna Collin.

Vice-Chancellor mirrors student in Sport and Health Sciences

Last month the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Professor Sir Steve Smith and Sport and Health Sciences student Anna Collin took part in the Students’ Guild’s Mirror scheme.

Anna shadowed Sir Steve, accompanying him to a number of internal meetings and as he hosted an audience with BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner OBE. The Vice-Chancellor joined Anna to gain direct insight into the student experience as he shadowed her going about her regular tasks. Activities on the agenda included a Sport & Exercise Science Student Staff Liaison Committee meeting, a meeting of Societies Executive and a shift on the front desk in the busy Activities & Volunteering hub, where students attend with a wide range of society and fundraising queries.

Speaking of her exchange with the Vice-Chancellor, Anna said: “I thought the Mirror scheme looked like a good opportunity to find out more about how the wider university is run, and for staff to experience what students do on a day-to-day basis. I also hoped that it would enhance the experiences I have gained through my volunteering with the Students’ Guild. I was absolutely shocked to be paired with the Vice-Chancellor but it has been an incredible experience. It was exciting to experience things that students don’t usually have access to, and to show Sir Steve some of the activities that I am involved in alongside my studies.”

Date: 24 April 2014

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