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The Queen's Anniversary Prize for further and higher education

Children's Health and Exercise Research Centre: Prize Winner for Research and Dissemination 1998

The Queen's Anniversary Prizes recognise and reward the outstanding contribution that universities and colleges in the United Kingdom make to the intellectual, economic, cultural and social life of the nation.  It is those institutions whose entries demonstrate the highest excellence and outstanding achievement whose names are put forward to the Prime Minister who in turn advises the Queen.  The Prizes are awarded within the honours system of the nation.

The Children's Health and Exercise Research Centre has established an international reputation for its research into the crucial field of exercise as a key contribution to the health of schoolchildren.  Through its research, teaching, publications and extensive media coverage, the Centre has raised awareness both among professionals and the general public of children's inactivity and its implications for health and well-being throughout life.

The Centre's innovative research programme is child-centred: all equipment and methodologies have been designed with children for the study of children.  The techniques pioneered have been widely adopted internationally and are providing new insights into the study of the exercising child.  Data have challenged conventional understanding of young people's exercise responses and demonstrated that the exercising child responds very differently to the exercising adult and that there are clear sex differences in responses.

Using its research findings, the Centre seeks to release well-researched information that will promote children's health and well-being locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.  An important part of its success is due to its close partnership with the local community.  Work with teachers in local schools has helped the Centre to initiate and sustain the health-related fitness movement in schools throughout the UK and to influence significantly the content and teaching of health and physical education curricula in schools, colleges and institutions of higher education.

Projects have been run with a number of top companies.  The Centre has also established its own charity, the Healthy Heart Research Trust, to help fund its research.

The Children's Health and Exercise Research Centre has established Paediatric Exercise Science as an academic field of study in this country and is now a leading World Centre. The promotion of more active lifestyles, and understanding the benefits of healthy living have become part of the agenda for many people as a direct result of its work.

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