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Three-minute thesis videos

Some of our CHERC PhD students introduce their thesis projects in these three-minute videos

Group members

If you would like to know more about any of our research please do not hesitate to contact one of us. We are keen to help and to introduce you to the fascinating areas in which we conduct our research, teaching and professional activity

For publications, research interests and projects of individual staff members, click on their names below.

Director Professor Craig Williams BEd MSc PhD

Emeritus Professor Neil Armstrong BEd, MSc, PhD, DSc

Associate Directors Dr Alan Barker BSc MSc PhD
Dr Bert Bond
Dr Sarah Denford
Dr Raquel Revuelta Iniesta BA (Hons), BSc (Hons), RD, RNut, PhD 
Dr Dimitris Vlachopoulos
Dr Richard Winsley BA(Ed) PhD
Professors Professor Brian Kirby FRCP OBE
Professor Thomas Rowland MD
Associate Research Fellows

Dr Christopher Elphick
Anastasia Kovalenko

Dr Owen Tomlinson

Visiting Fellows Dr Guido Pieles
Dr Graham Stuart
Visiting Academics Dr Andrew Middlebrooke BSc PhD
Dr Thomas Radtke
Dr Sebastien Ratel
Dr Kerstin Stoedefalke BS MS PhD
Research Scholars Mohummed Alkhraiji
Mohammed Alrashidi
Rohit Banger
Rhys Banks
Ellen Blackwood
Chloe Bland
Becky Chorlton
Annie Constable
Dan Dorabantu
Rong Huang
Erwan Izri
Jodie Koep
Sascha Kranen
Yong Liu
Robert Mann
Kate Sansum
Curtis Wadey
Max Weston