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Meet our PhD students

Current PhD students introduce their research in these three-minute thesis videos.

Rob Mann

Injury and illness in competitive adolescent distance runners

Erwan Izri

Measures of robustness in academy rugby union players

Kate Sansum

Associations between physical activity and sedentary time with arterial function and structure in children 

Annie Constable

Determinants of bone health in children and adolescents

Curtis Wadey

Paediatric heart disease 

Mohummed Alkharaiji

The 24-hour movement behaviours and cardiorespiratory fitness in relation to cardiovascular disease risk factors in Saudi adolescents 

Becky Chorlton

Physical activity and primary school interventions

Max Weston

Regulation of cerebral blood flow during exercise in children and adolescents

Dan Dorobantu

Echocardiography, cardiorespiratory fitness and rehabilitation in paediatric congenital heart disease