Postdovs in laboratory
Adult fitness testing
Dr Sharon Dixon

Research groups

Our research is organised into five interdisciplinary research groups:

  • Children’s Health and Exercise
    The children’s health and exercise group seek to initiate research in paediatric exercise science and enhance our understanding of exercise, physical activity and sport that determines positive health and well-being.
  • Integrative Physiology
    The integrative physiology group seeks to improve understanding of basic physiology and metabolism that underpins human performance in health and disease.
  • Human Movement Science
    The human movement science group seeks to improve understanding of factors influencing human movement, focusing on two key themes – the cognitive and psychophysiological determinants of human performance and the mechanisms by which pathologies of the lower limb develop.
  • Physical Activity and Health Across the Lifespan
    The PAHAL group is focused on trying to characterise detailed patterns of physical activity to determine which patterns are most strongly associated with which disease or condition.
  • Virtual Immersive Training And Learning (VITAL)
    This group's research explores the use of Virtual and Immersive technology for training humans to perform complex or high-risk tasks, and tackles fundamental questions relating to sensorimotor control and perceptual cognitive expertise.

These groups focus on enhancing human health and performance and conduct research in the laboratory and through field studies. This world-class research impacts positively on the health and well-being among a range of populations, as well as enhancing sport performance at all levels.

Our Children’s Health and Exercise Research Centre (CHERC) is devoted to the study of the exercising child and adolescent and to the promotion of young people’s health and well-being.