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Children's Health and Exercise

The children's health and exercise group initiates research in paediatric exercise science and enhance our understanding of exercise, physical activity and sport that determines health and well-being. We are interested in optimising exercise, physical activity, and sport across a range of different paediatric groups, including healthy school aged children, children with chronic diseases and talented young athletes.

In particular, our work has focused on developing innovative research programmes that are child-centred: all equipment and methodologies have been designed with children for the study of children.  The techniques pioneered have been widely adopted internationally and are providing new insights into the study of the exercising child. Data have challenged conventional understanding of young people's exercise responses and demonstrated that the exercising child responds very differently to the exercising adult and that there are clear sex differences in responses.

Research themes:

Bone health

Through our research we want to understand the contribution of sport to bone mineralisation and metabolism.
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Cardiovascular health

Our research investigates the use of physical activity participation and exercise training in children with congenital heart defects.
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Health of Young Athletes and Sports Performance

Our research investigates the health of young athletes to promote and understand the consequences of long-term training
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Vascular health

Our research looks at alternative exercise strategies, such as performing low volume high-intensity-interval exercise (HIIE) to reduce cardio-metabolic risk in youth
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