Integrative Physiology

The integrative physiology group seeks to improve understanding of basic physiology and metabolism that underpins human performance in health and disease. We are interested in optimising sports performance in elite and recreational athletes, through use of novel testing protocols and design of training and nutritional programmes.

In addition, we investigate the perturbations of physiological and metabolic processes that occur with ageing, inactivity, overfeeding, hypoxia and how these might contribute to disease pathophysiology. The role for exercise and nutrition in supporting healthy ageing is a key focus.

Research themes:

Neuromuscular function

We study the neural mechanisms and neuronal pathways through which the central nervous system and skeletal muscles communicate to control neuromuscular function.
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Nutrition and metabolism

We investigate the metabolic processes that occur throughout our bodies in all tissues and cells, their underlying regulation, and interaction with environmental factors such as diet and physical activity.
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Dietary nitrate supplementation

Our research explores the physiological and functional effects of dietary nitrate supplementation.
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Cardiovascular and respiratory physiology

Our research aims to better understand the cardiovascular and respiratory system determinants of exercise capacity in both health and disease.
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Performance physiology

Our research focusses on the physiological bases of sports performance and exercise intolerance.
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