Integrative Physiology


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  • Equipped with treadmills, cycle ergometers, and isokinetic dynamometers.
  • Non-invasive analytical equipment includes online breath by breath analysis, near-infrared spectroscopy determination of muscle (de)oxygenation, pulse co-oximetry.
  • Cardiac output determination using thoracic impedance, carbon dioxide rebreathing or acetylene open-circuit spirometry.
  • Laser Doppler, Doppler Ultrasound and specialist software to allow assessment of micro- and macro-vascular function.
  • Transcranial and peripheral magnetic stimulation, transcranial direct current stimulation, electrical stimulation, and electromyography equipment for neurophysiology studies.

Invasive analysis of muscle and bone metabolites, and various blood markers, via muscle biopsy and phlebotomy. Samples are either stored for later analysis, or using point of care analysers, e.g. blood gas analyser.

  • Imaging, bone densitometry, and body composition by DXA
  • Magnetic resonance imaging for structural and functional measurements including tissue perfusion.
  • 13C- and 31P-magnetic resonance spectroscopy of tissue metabolism and real time muscle energetics.
  • Cell and tissue culturing, including a class II culturing cabinet, and a dual environmental class III cabinet.
  • An extracellular flux analyser for measuring mitochondrial bioenergetics.
  • Fluorescence microscopy for immunohistochemical analysis and antibody labelling.
  • Alphalyser and fluoroscan for ELISA, absorbance and fluorescence analyses.
  • Microtome cryostat for sectioning muscle, used in fibre typing and in-situ hybridisation in muscle studies.
  • Western blotting equipment with fluorescent scanning capability.
  • High performance liquid chromatography.
  • Gas-phase chemiluminescence.

Intergrative Physiology group facilities