Integrative Physiology

Research theme: Performance physiology

Our Performance Physiology research group focusses on the physiological bases of sports performance and exercise intolerance. We investigate both muscle metabolic and pulmonary gas exchange variables which pose limitations to endurance capacity. Our lab is world-leading on research into pulmonary VO2 kinetics, normalisation of exercise intensity and the power-time relationship of high-intensity exercise. Together these research themes provide a rigorous framework in which to investigate the fatigue processes.

We have established expertise in non-invasive assessments of skeletal muscle energetics and oxygenation using state-of-the-art 31P-magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging techniques, as well as near infrared spectroscopy. Our invasive muscle physiology research is gaining momentum and provides a powerful parallel experimental model alongside non-invasive muscle research.

Practical applications of our work include informing ‘warm-up’ and pacing strategies in endurance events, optimisation of training interventions, identification of muscle metabolic underpinnings of interval training, optimisation of existing protocols, and pioneering novel physiological assessment procedures (e.g. lactate profiling, ‘3-min all-out’ critical power test).

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