Physical Activity and Health Across the Lifespan


  • Accelerometers and Global Positioning System Units for quantification of movement, location and determination of posture.
  • Wearable cameras for capturing the context of physical activity
  • Magnetic resonance imaging of the human body
  • Dual X-ray absorptiometry for assessment of bone mineral density
  • Bodpod for body composition analysis
  • Laser Doppler, Doppler Ultrasound and specialist software to allow assessment of micro- and macro-vascular function
  • Extensive wet lab facilities to allow analysis of blood and muscle samples for a wide range of metabolites and proteins
  • Two motion analysis laboratories with AMTI force platforms installed flush with the surrounding floor surface. In the gait laboratory, the force plates are adjustable to allow bilateral gait analysis of running for individuals of differing stride length. The gait laboratory also contains an eight-camera ‘Peak’ motion analysis system (120 Hz) and a state of the art Codamotion system with three CODA units (CX1) that can sample three-dimensional data (up to 800 Hz) in real-time