Dr Gavin Buckingham
Senior Lecturer


Research interests

In most circumstances, individuals are able to make relatively accurate predictions about how heavy an object will be, even if they have never lifted it before. These expectations can not only affect how an object is lifted, but also how heavy it feels to the lifter. In the context of weight illusions, my research examines how lifters' expectations of heaviness can reliably and persistently affect our perception of how heavy an object feels, and how they are distinct from the processes which allow our sensorimotor system to ‘learn’ the weight of an object. These simple object lifting studies have led to a range of applied projects examining sensorimotor learning in a variety of real-world situations, from sport and exercise to virtual reality to minimally-invasive surgery.

Research projects

Dr Buckingham’s current projects can be found on his lab website: https://sites.google.com/site/obintlab.


Experimental Psychology Society (EPS) small grant (2014; £2500; PI)
Project title: Object lifting and weight illusions in immersive virtual reality

Carnegie Trust Collaborative Research Grant (2014; £39,752; CO-I)
Project title: Memory and motor performance: Studying human grasping movements

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) Grant to support international collaboration (2012; €1000; CO-I)
Project title: Investigating the perception of weight and application of fingertip forces during lifts of objects of different materials in patients with Apraxia.

Physicians Services Incorporated (PSI) Health Research Grant (2012; $48,000; CO-I)

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