Lee Moore
Associate Research Fellow


Research interests

The mechanisms through which attentional training interventions aid learning and sports performance under pressure.

The impact of pre-competition cognitive appraisals and psychophysiological states upon sports performance.

Supervisors:  Dr Paul Freeman and Dr Mark Wilson.


Vine, S.J., Moore, L.J., & Wilson, M.R. (2011). Quiet eye training facilitates competitive putting performance in elite golfers. Frontiers in Movement Science and Sport Psychology, 2, 8, doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2011.00008.

Moore, L.J., Wilson, M.R., Freeman, P., Vine, S.J., & McGrath, J (in press). Challenge and threat states in surgery: Implications for surgical performance and training. British Journal of Urology International.


Moore, L.J., Vine, S.J., Wilson, M.R., & Freeman, P. Quiet eye training promotes challenge appraisals and aids performance under pressure. Presented at PsyPAG 2011, Bangor University, 6-8th July, 2011.

Moore, L.J., Vine, S.J., & Wilson, M.R. Quiet eye training prevents the accrual and reinvestment of explicit rule-based knowledge among novice golfers. Presented at BASES 2011, University of Exeter, 6-8th September, 2011.

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