Professor Mark Wilson


Postdoctoral researchers

  • Dr Sadie Hollins (2014-15) Funded by the Football Association (FA) to explore the influence of the FA's youth development review on the attitudes and behaviours of key stakeholders involved in youth football.
  • Dr Takayuki Murayama (2014-15) Visiting Fellow from Kanazawa University
  • Dr Greg Wood (The Waterloo Foundation)

Postgraduate researchers

  • Manu Ducrocq (Birkbeck College, London) - Attentional control training in tennis ( joint supervisor with Prof Nazanin Derakshan).
  • David Harris - Flow and attentional control.
  • Adam Kelly - Talent Development in Elite Youth Football.
  • Don Lee - The role of the quiet eye in golf putting: Exploring mechanisms.
  • Katie Payne - Anxiety, attention and performance.
  • Nadine Sammy - Stress-reappraisals and challenge states.


  • Dr Neha Malhotra - Research fellow at the University of Waikato, New Zealand.
  • Dr Charlotte (Lottie) Miles - Research fellow at Liverpool Hope University.
  • Dr Lee Moore - Lecturer at Gloucester University.
  • Guoxiao Sun (Beijing Sports University) - Quiet eye and visuomotor performance (joint supervisor with Prof Liwei Zhang)
  • Dr Gethin Thomas - Lecturer at Cardiff Met University.
  • Liis Uiga - Reinvestment and gaze behavior in elderly adults (University of Hong Kong - joint supervised with Prof Rich Masters).
  • Dr Sam Vine - Senior Lecturer here in Sport and Health Sciences.
  • Rosanna Walters-Symons - Quiet eye and visual attention
  • Dr Greg Wood - Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University.

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