Rachel Tan
PhD student


Rachel’s research interests focus on skeletal muscle metabolism with exercise and nutritional modulations for performance and health.

Rachel began as a research assistant in her 2nd year of my undergraduate degree in Canada at McMaster University, with Dr. Marty Gibala investigating skeletal muscle adaptations to high-intensity interval training and nutritional interventions. In addition, I had been involved in other research groups to explore potential research interests including Protein Metabolism with Dr. Stu Phillips, Vascular Dynamics with Dr. Maureen MacDonald, Neuromuscular Physiology with Dr. Audrey Hicks, and Health Psychology with Dr. Steven Bray.

Rachel’s 4th year undergraduate thesis was titled “Skeletal muscle fibre-type specific changes in markers of capillary and mitochondrial content after low-volume interval training in humans”, which is the process of publication.

In 2014, Rachel was awarded a scholarship to complete her MSc with distinction at Exeter University and joined the Nitrate Bioenergetics research group, supervised by Prof. Andy Jones and Dr. Anni Vanhatalo (previously Dr. Bryan Taylor for respiratory physiology).

Currently, Rachel is completing her PhD looking into the mechanisms of dietary nitrate supplementation on skeletal muscle metabolism and bioenergetics.

Broad research specialisms:

Skeletal muscle metabolism, nutritional and exercise interventions for health and performance


BSc Honours Kinesiology, Minor in Music (McMaster University, 2014)
MSc Sports and Health Sciences (University of Exeter, 2015)

Contact details

AddressRichard's Building
University of Exeter
St Luke's Campus
Heavitree Road

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