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Dr Colleen Deane

Dr Colleen Deane

MRC Skills Development Fellow




University of Exeter, St Luke's Campus, Exeter, EX1 2LU, UK


Colleen is a Medical Research Council Skills Development Fellow, utilising a multi-omics approach to understand the mechanisms underlying age-related muscle atrophy and hypertrophy. During this fellowship, Colleen is developing her computational modelling skills to complement her strong training background in skeletal muscle metabolic/molecular phsiology. 

Prior to being awarded her fellowship, Colleen was working as a post-doctoral research fellow under the supervision of Dr. Timothy Etheridge. During this time, Colleen worked on two main projects that were; i) investigaing whether NAD+ supplementation improved skeletal muscle mitochondrial function and physical capacity in older adults and, ii) establishing molecular mechanisms of and countermeasures to muscle decline in space. 

Colleen completed her Ph.D. in 2017, which investigated the metabolic and molecular mechanisms regulating age-related declines in human skeletal muscle regenerative capacity. Prior to her Ph.D., Colleen completed an MSc in Physical Activity, Nutrition and Health Promotion and a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science. 




Ph.D., MSc, BSc.


Ph.D. Exploring Metabolic and Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Age-Related Declines in Human Skeletal Muscle Regenerative Capacity

MSc Physical Activity, Nutrition and Health Promotion 

BSc Sport and Exercise Science 


Research interests

Skeletal muscle remodelling in the context of ageing, exercise, disuse and nutrition. 

Research projects

I am currently an Medical Research Council Skills Development Fellow, utilising a multi-omics approach to understand the mechanisms underlying age-related muscle atrophy and hypertrophy. 

External Engagement and Impact


MRC Skills Development Fellowship (2019)

Wellcome Trust ISSF (2019)

Association for Academic Outreach Travel Award (2019)

Alumni Funding, University of Exeter (2018)

Young Life Scientists’ Symposium (2018)

The Physiological Society Travel Award (2017) (2016) (2015) (2014)

Santander Scholarship (2014) (2013)

Committee/panel activities

British Science Association Committee Member

Conferences and invited presentations

Invited talks:

International Space Station Increment 57/58 Science Symposium (2018)

Media Coverage

Newsweek article 'What happens to the human body in space?' (2018)

BBC Spotlight TV coverage (2018)

Research networks

Early Career Research Network Representative

Workshops/Conferences organised

Bridging the physiological gap: using c.elegans to improve human skeletal muscle health, International C.elegans Conference 2019, Los Angeles, USA. (2019).

Sport and Health Sciences Conference, Exeter, UK. (2019).

Young Life Scientists’ Symposium: Frontiers in Musculoskeletal Health, Ageing and Disease, Derby, UK. (2017).


Supervision / Group

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