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Adam Abdul
PhD student


I finished my BSc course in Sport and Health sciences in University Science of Malaysia (USM) in 2011. After completing the course, I worked at Advanced Medical and Dental Institution (AMDI) as Science Officer where it is one of the campuses belongs to the USM.  During this period of time, my responsibility is to assist and monitor any research work by PhD students in the Healthy Lifestyle Cluster especially in athlete physical and performance testing. After finishing off one year contract with AMDI, I continued to gain my experience in the sport science area as a Physical Education teacher at R.E.A.L International School, Johor somewhere in Malaysia which in here I’m able to teaching and working with children and adolescent. Even though I’m really enjoying working as a teacher, once again, I need to make a decision to quit from the job to further my study in MSc in 2012. The Primary objective of my research studies during this MSc Program is to determine the exercise intensity and affective response of selected traditional games in Children     

After finishing my master degree, I received a scholarship from the Malaysia Ministry of Education (MOE) through the USM Academic Staff Training Scheme (ASTS) scheme to pursue my PhD study in the year 2015. Throughout this PhD journey I will supervised by  Dr Alan Barker and Prof Craig Williams to further my knowledge in exercise training  in youth particularly in High Intensity Interval Exercise (HIIE).

Broad research specialisms:

  • Exercise interventions and cardiometabolic health outcomes in paediatric groups
  • Cognitive influences on exercise training in paediatric groups.
  • Neurophysiological influences on exercise intensity in paediatric groups.
  • Optimizing the exercise Intensity for health outcome among paediatric participants


BSc Sport and Exercise Science (Honour)  – Universiti Sains Malaysia – Malaysia
MSc Sport Science – Universiti Sains Malaysia – Malaysia

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