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Kate Janse-Van-Rensburg


Previous Degrees:
BSc Sport Science (Exercise & Fitness), Brunel University  (2003-2005)

MSc Sport and Health Sciences, University of Exeter (2005-2006)

PhD Supervisors:

Prof Adrian Taylor and Dr Tim Hodgson.

Research Topic:
How acute exercise impacts on cigarette cravings.

‘I am a PhD student in the Schools of Sport & Health Sciences (SSHS) and Psychology. To answer the research question I am using a range of novel methodologies.  These include: the use of the MRI scanner to assess the differences in regional brain activation following an exercise or passive control condition during cigarette abstinence; and eye tracking equipment to assess differences in attentional bias to ‘smoking cues’ following an exercise or control session.

I have presented my work on cognitive functioning and desire to smoke during temporary abstinence at the BASES student conference (May, 2007), the FEPSAC conference (Greece, September, 2007) and BASES annual conferences (September 2007/2008).  I have also presented my work on the effects of exercise on smoking cue evoked regional brain activation at the UK National Smoking Cessation Conference (June, 2007) and FEPSAC (Greece, September, 2007).

Apart from my studies, in my spare time I enjoy going to the beach and doing outdoor activities, such as surfing. I am also a keen runner and enjoy participating in half marathons. I also enjoy playing both social and competitive netball.‘


Janse Van Rensburg, Taylor, AH & Hodgson, TL. (revise & resubmit). The effects of acute exercise on attentional biases during temporary abstinence from smoking. Addiction

Janse Van Rensburg, Taylor, AH, Hodgson, T, Benattayallah, A. (2009) The neural mechanisms underlying the psychological effects of acute exercise on smoking cravings: an fMRI study. Psychopharmacology.

Janse Van Rensburg, K & Taylor, A.H. (2008). The effects of acute exercise on cognitive functioning and desire to smoke during temporary abstinence from smoking. Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental, 23, 193 – 199.

Taylor, A.H., Everson, E.S. & Janse Van Rensburg, K. (2008). The role of exercise in preventing smoking and as aid to quitting progression to smoking, and as an aid to smoking cessation in women. In Tolson, K.P. & Veksler, E.B. (Eds.) Research Focus on Smoking and Women, pp. 139-159. NY: Nova Publishers.


I currently hold the post of Student representative for the BASES division of Physical Activity for Health.
I have won three conference awards.

    • ISMRM Young Investigator Stipend to attend ISMRM annual conference (TORONTO).
    • 3rd place Young Investigator Award, FEPSAC 2007.
    • Best Post graduate Poster presentation, BASES ANNUAL CONFERENCE, 2007.

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