Ricardo Santos Oliveira
PhD student


Research projects

Project Title: Cardiovascular health-related physiological markers of normal weight and overweight adolescents

Supervisors: Craig Williams, Alan Barker

Funding Body: Science Without Borders

Project Description:
I will be using both cross-sectional and prospective experimental research to investigate my research questions. Methodologies to achieve my purposes include basic measurements of rest and recovery heart rate, vascular stiffness and blood sampling in young people aged between 8-16 years.


OLIVEIRA, RS., Pereira, LA, Pasquarelli, BN, Machado, FA, Nakamura, FY Relationship between performance in specific field tests in young soccer players. The Brazilian Journal of Soccer, v.6, p.23 - 32, 2013.

OLIVEIRA, RS, Leicht, AS, Bishop, DJ, Barbero-Alvarez, JC, Nakamura, FY. Seasonal Changes in Physical Performance and Heart Rate Variability in High Level Futsal Players. International Journal of Sports Medicine. , v.34, p.424 - 430, 2013.

OLIVEIRA, RS., Vitor-Costa, M, Pedro, RE, Polito, MD, Avelar, A, Cyrino, ES, Nakamura, FY Acute cardiac autonomic responses after a bout of resistance exercise. Science & Sports. , v.27, p.357 - 364, 2012.

OLIVEIRA, RS, Pedro, RE, Milanez, VF, Vitor-Costa, M, Bortolotti, H, Nakamura, FY The correlation between heart rate variability and improvement in soccer player’s physical performance. Brazilian Journal of Kinanthropometry and Human Performance, p.713 - 722, 2012.

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