Rohit Banger
Research Student


Upon completion of my undergraduate degree in Sport & Health Sciences at the University of Exeter in 2017, I decided to undertake an MSc by Research within the Children’s Health and Exercise Research Centre (CHERC). My research focuses on the effects of a sugary drink on blood vessel health in adolescents and whether particular characteristics (e.g. fitness) influence the response. 

I decided to pursue a Masters with CHERC as I discovered a passion for working with young people in sport over the course of my undergraduate degree through various roles. I found that I wanted to play a role in changing the lifestyle young people in the UK lead to ensure a healthier way of life which includes the opportunity to take part in physical activity regardless of their skill level. Through my Masters degree I have been given the opportunity to do this by highlighting potential reasons young people should pursue involvement in physical activity. My Masters degree also provides me with the opportunity to work with my supervisors Dr. Bert Bond & Dr. Alan Barker, both of which have extensive experience within the area of paediatric exercise research. 

I aim to continue enhancing my knowledge within the area of paediatric exercise physiology so that I can pursue a career working with young people in their specialist sport as well as working within the local community so that parents understand the importance of physical activity during the younger years. 

Broad research specialisms

The influence of participant characteristics on blood vessel function following consumption of a sugary drink. Paediatric Exercise Physiology.


BSc (Hons) Sport & Health Sciences

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