Study abroad in Sydney at the University of New South Wales

Study abroad

The study abroad scheme allows students on the BSc Exercise and Sport Sciences to study abroad for the first semester of the second year, at a university of equivalent standard and quality as the University of Exeter.

During this semester abroad you will undertake units similar to those you would have taken at Exeter and gain credits towards your final degree. You will also gain vital experience and employability skills, such as flexibility to your environment, adaptability, understanding of various cultures and languages, self-reliance and confidence.

We have links with a number of major universities offering courses and units in Sport and Exercise Sciences. Opportunities exist to study at institutions within the EU as part of the Erasmus scheme; view universities participating in the Erasmus study placement scheme. There are further opportunities to study at International Exchange partner institutions outside of Europe; view institutions participating in the International Exchange.

Are language skills a barrier to studying in non-English speaking countries?

Don't worry that your language skills may limit your eligibility to apply to institutions participating in the Erasmus scheme. It's possible that the universities in these countries will teach courses and units in English, or provide a foreign language course. The experience gives you the opportunity to enhance your language skills through taking additional courses and living in a foreign country for an extended period of time.

Tuition fees

Students spending a semester abroad will not pay tuition fees to the host University but will continue to pay the tuition fee contribution to Exeter as normal. If you are studying abroad in the EU you will be part of the Erasmus scheme and will be eligible for a grant to assist towards the potential increase in the cost of studying abroad. Grants are not readily available for non-EU universities, although some local education authorities may provide a grant. It is recommended that you contact Student Finance England to explore any available funding opportunities.

Application deadline

The deadline for applications is in January during your first year of study. If you think that you are interested in the scheme you'll need to give it careful consideration and do the necessary research during your first semester.

Further information

Download the SHS Study Abroad handbook 2016/17 (.pdf)‌‌.

For further information visit the International Exeter. Information is also posted on the study abroad notice board in Richards Building.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time abroad in Portugal! There are many positives that I have taken from the experience, and the responsibility and independence I gained was so valuable.  I was already quite a laid back person before I went to Portugal, but as the months went on I became more and more relaxed about life - don’t get me wrong, I still maintained a good 2.1 average - but my outlook on life changed.

The cultural aspect of Coimbra was amazing as 10% of the University population is international, therefore you are part of an enormous ERASMUS community, which made the experience so much better.  It was so enjoyable going out and meeting so many new people, especially as it was so culturally diverse. I would literally be standing in a bar and find myself amongst so many people from all across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa.

It was also nice to start learning another language; the language barrier is tough at first, but once you get some confidence you are fine. I speak English and Afrikaans having lived in South Africa for 13 years, but the most useful secondary language is Portuguese. Coimbra was a very enjoyable city to live in - with close proximity to the shops, nightclubs, bars, your faculty, and the train station. It was also amazing to be 20 minutes away from the beach and 5 minutes away from one of Europe’s most beautiful rivers. I had my 21st birthday party on a river bank on the Mondego River and it was incredible.

The weather was also amazing and I remember 3 days before Christmas it was still warm at 17 degrees Celsius.  It is a cheap place to eat out and I was eating at cafes twice a day, and very student-friendly as their economy relies on it.  I made some amazing friends, and am still in contact with all of them - in fact I will be visiting Portugal in October and Slovakia thereafter.  I loved my time on ERASMUS and would strongly recommend it to anyone!

William Packer, Study Abroad student