Laboratory and equipment booking system


The booking system is based on the principle that all equipment in Sport and Health Sciences laboratories in both the Richards Building and Baring Court is available for use by staff, postgraduate research students, and students on taught courses undertaking dissertation projects.

This general principle is subject to the following conditions:

  • there are certain areas and pieces of equipment to which access is restricted to approved persons only on Health and Safety grounds. Currently this applies to the DEXA laboratory and Blood Analysis Suite in Baring Court;
  • equipment must only be used by persons who have received the appropriate training in its use. Training should be arranged prior to booking the equipment (see below);
  • in some instances access to sensitive or complex pieces of laboratory equipment may be limited to staff and research post-graduate students. This will be at the discretion of the senior technician (David Childs) in consultation with the Director of Research;

Contacts for equipment enquiries and training

Please contact the Sport & Health Sciences technical staff via

How to book

1. Access the booking system on the web to check the availability of the equipment or room that you wish to book by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. The following notes explain how to use the system:

a. The equipment booking system has been adapted from a generalised room booking system. On the left hand side of the screen under the heading “Areas” is a list of laboratories and equipment groups, each individual item of equipment is regarded as a “Room” in its particular “Area”.

b. The default view when you initially enter the system is a “Daily” view in which clicking on an item in the “Areas” list will display the bookings table for equipment in that laboratory or equipment group for the day selected on the calendar. Initially the bookings for the current day will be displayed. Click on the calendar to change to the date required.

c. The alternative view is a “Weekly” view for any one item of equipment. To change to this view click on the name of the item when in “Daily” view. You will notice two changes in the display:
i. The bookings table will now change to show the week’s bookings for the item.
ii. To the right of the list of “Areas” there is now displayed a list of equipment in that “Area” under the heading “Rooms”. This view is useful if you wish to run down the list of laboratories or equipment groups to see what equipment is present in the School and where it is located. (Equipment listed as “Portable” may be in its home laboratory, on loan or in a store room).

2. Before booking equipment, please contact the appropriate technician (see list of contacts on this page) to clarify your requirements and to arrange training in the use of the equipment.

3. Staff and postgraduate research students can book directly online using the username and password supplied to them. Please contact David Childs to be registered on the system.

4. Undergraduate students and students on taught postgraduate courses will need to e-mail their requirements to  with details of specific dates and times and equipment required. (If the equipment is portable and will be used outdoors or off-site, please also state the date & time that you wish to collect it). An e-mail will be sent to you confirming your booking. You will be able to view and check your booking on the web.

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