Equality and diversity

Equality Matters

The University of Exeter aims to provide a working and learning environment which is free from unfair discrimination and will enable students and staff to fulfill their personal potential. To ensure a comfortable work and study place for diverse groups of people, the University has published policies to guide students, staff members and other people on campus on appropriate behaviour.

The University has an Equal Opportunities Policy and Equality and Diversity Action Plan. These aim to ensure that students, staff and others associated with the University are treated with dignity, respect, and equity regardless of their gender, race, nationality, ethnicity or national origin, socio-economic status or political beliefs, disability, age, marital status, family circumstances, or sexual orientation.

Visit the University’s Equality Matters webpages for more details and contacts.

Sport and Health Sciences

Sharon Dixon is the Equality and Diversity Coordinator for the Sport and Health Sciences. She is also our representative on the University’s Equality and Diversity Committee.