Ethics Policy and Procedures

For any queries related to applying for ethical approval or the Ethics Committee, please contact Mark Slater, the Ethics Committee Administrator.

Approval is done on an interim basis (Path A) or by committee (Path B); which is determined in the application form

Committee Meetings

Deadlines for submission 2018/19 Meeting dates 18/19   Deadlines for submission 2019/20 Meeting dates 19/20
October 2018 Monday 15 Wednesday 24 October    October 2019  Monday 14th  Wednesday 23rd October
November 2018 Monday 26 Wednesday 5 December   November 2019  Monday 25th  Wednesday 4th December
January 2019 Monday 28 Wednesday 6 February   January 2020   Monday 27th  Wednesday 5th February 
March 2019 Monday 11 Wednesday 27 March   March 2020  Monday 16th  Wednesday 25th March
April 2019 Monday 29 Wednesday 8 May    April 2020 Monday 27th   Wednesday 6th May
June 2019 Monday 10th Wednesday 19 June    June 2020  Monday 8th  Wednesday 17th June
July 2018 Monday 24 June  Wednesday 3rd July    June 2020  Monday 29th  Wednesday 8th July

Ethics Committee

Melvyn Hillsdon Chair of Committee
Tim Etheridge Member
Brad Metcalf Member
Richard Pulsford Member
Francis Stephens Member
Garrick Taylor Member (Risk Assessment)
Anni Vanhatalo Member 

Key Documents

Participant Information & Informed Consent‌


Complaints received from study participants should be dealt with according to the procedures outlined in the SHS Ethics Committee Policy on Complaints.

Adverse Events

Procedures for recording and reporting adverse events such as injuries, or unexpected physical reactions following a particular procedure, are documented in SHS Ethics Committee Policy on Adverse Events.


Who should I contact?

If your query relates to your study you should contact your supervisor. For all other queries regarding the system, contact the Ethics administrator, Mark Slater, at

When will my application be considered?

Your application will be considered after the monthly deadlines in the document above. Please remember that the ethics reviewers will have a large number of applications to review, and that if you submit after the deadline you may have to wait until the next month.

Example: The December deadline is the 7th. If you submit on the 8th you could wait up until January 18th (the next deadline). Please take note of the deadlines and ensure you make your application in good time.

Where are the risk assessments?

The risk assessments along with other related documents such as exercise screening forms can be found on the Sport and Health Sciences SharePoint site at

When can I begin testing?

You can begin testing as soon as you receive the acceptance email from the Ethics system.