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Ongoing projects

Digi PA for Youth CF

Co-app team

Dr Samantha van Beurden
Prof Craig Williams
Dr Sarah Denford
Dr Owen Tomlinson
Dr Jane Smith
Dr Tristan Snowsill
Dr Emma Cockcroft
Dr Beth Enderby
Ms Jayne Trott
Miss Natalie Goodchild
Ms Vicky Coxhead


NIHR - Research for Patient Benefit

Study summary 

Being more physically active has important health benefits for everyone. As a result, achieving recommended weekly physical activity levels is encouraged within the UK. People with cystic fibrosis (CF) can obtain extra benefits, including improved lung function, as well as many psychological and social benefits.

This study will help establish whether digitally delivering (e.g., online) physical activity promotion material is accessible, usable, and engaging in supporting young people with CF to be more physically active, while at the same time establishing whether it is possible to run a full-scale effectiveness trial in the future. 

This study is on the CF Trust Trials Tracker: Reference 145314


More information can be found on our pages here, we are actively recruiting.