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Dr Luciana Torquati is a registered nutritionist, researcher and lecturer at the University of Exeter

Nutrition scientist wins British Nutrition Foundation stepping stone funding boost

A registered nutritionist and researcher at the University of Exeter has been awarded a British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) prize.

Dr Luciana Torquati, Lecturer in Nutrition at the Department of Sport and Health Sciences, won the 2020 BNF Drummond Pump Priming Award for her research looking at the gut microbiome in endurance exercise.

The award comes with a £5,000 prize to support her work.

Dr Torquati said: “Our understanding of the gut microbiome and its role in our physiology is growing every day.

"I am very excited and grateful to BNF Drummond Memorial Fund for the opportunity to further explore new functions of our gut microbiome.

"This research will allow me to collect preliminary data to support future funding to understand the role gut bacteria play in exercise capacity.

"This study aims to understand if by increasing fermentable fibre and acetate production we can affect exercise performance.

"This may build evidence to justify the use (or not) of specific diets and supplements to ‘boost’ exercise endurance, and to ensure that the public receives evidence-based advice on these.”

Each year, the BNF highlights and celebrates those who have made positive and important steps within the nutrition science community.

The BNF Drummond Pump Priming Award, which recognises the achievements of nutrition scientists in the early stages of their careers, and provides them with a stepping stone towards their first independent research grant.

Alongside winning the award, Dr Torquati will have the opportunity to contribute an article to BNF’s journal Nutrition Bulletin, explaining how winning the award has helped support her research.

Date: 24 November 2020

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