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Optimising the spring in your step – human foot function and footwear design

Project: Footwear

Project: Footwear

Project: Footwear

Project lead: Dr Dominic Farris

Da Vinci described the human foot as a ‘masterpiece of engineering’ but we are still figuring out how it has evolved to allow us to walk and run in an upright posture. As part of a collaboration with The University of Queensland (Australia) and ASICS Oceania this project aims to understand the foot’s contribution to human movement more deeply.

This project is unpicking how the nervous system and the muscles it triggers are involved in making the foot function as a mechanical system. We measure neural activity, complex motions of the foot, and advanced computer modelling and simulation to measure and predict the importance of muscular control for healthy foot function. We are also testing novel footwear designs to re-examine how the foot should be supported.

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