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Exeter Head Impacts, Brain Injury and Trauma research group​ (ExHIBIT)

Exeter Head Impacts, Brain Injury and Trauma research group​

Exeter Head Impacts, Brain Injury and Trauma research group​

We are a collective of scientists from a variety of research backgrounds (physiology, motor control, psychology, nutrition, medicine), which allow us to uniquely examine the consequences of head impacts from a powerful, interdisciplinary perspective.

This research allows us to better understand player welfare, and the link between head impacts and health outcomes.

Collaborators in this work include UEFA, Exeter Chiefs, Alzheimer's Research UKThe Racing Foundation​The Physiological Society,  NIHR Brain Injury, MedTech and Football Association Wales.

Current research projects

Research expertise

We can utilise near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), transcranial Doppler, duplex carotid sonography and 3T MR imaging to quantify the delivery and regulation of brain blood flow at rest and during a physiological challenge. These include: blood pressure (autoregulation), arterial blood gasses (typically CO2 reactivity), metabolism (neurovascular coupling) and exercise.

We are interested in the development of quantitative tools, that can be quickly and easily used to test for movement, cognition and vision changes after a blow to the head in sport. Contact Dr Genevieve Williams.

We are able to assess the metabolic activity of living brain cells and tissue. Head trauma and other diseases of the central nervous system are commonly associated with changes in the brain’s ability to produce energy. By better studying this phenomenon we aim to understand firstly, how metabolic changes affect cognitive function and resilience to cell death and secondly, what strategies can we use to support our brain’s responses to injury.

For more information contact Dr Paul Weightman Potter

MSc / PhD opportunities

The ExHIBIT team are accepting applications for self-funded postgraduate study. Please email a staff member directly if you would like to discuss possibilities for MSc or PhD study.​

​Current ExHIBIT research students

Ryan Baker

Emma Edwards

Barbara Halmai

Jacob Jack

Alice Lester​

Tyler Moore

Jessica Thomas​

Alex Woodgates​



Qais Al-Alem​ MSc

Felix Brown BSc (Hons)

Ishbel Lomax​ MSc

Hamish Lorimer​ BSc (Hons)

Katie Lynam BSc (Hons)

Ollie Smail​ MSc

Will Wallis​ MSc