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Activity Informatics

Activity Informatics

Activity Informatics

Activity Informatics

How can we help you?

Activity Informatics offers a complete service for public-funded research and clinical trials, including support in:


Defining the problem and how activity measurement can solve it.

Assessing overall cost, feasibility and impact.

Design and planning

Defining required resources and equipment for data collection, data management plans and a complete data analysis approach to meet the required outputs.


Running the activity measurement of the study from recruitment to final data quality assessment.

Data summary and interpretation

Utilising the raw data collected to move from outputs to outcomes. Delivering data insights; showing the impact of the research on the objectives; supporting publications.

Case study: New technology shows potential to accelerate recovery and patient outcomes

Total knee replacement (TKR) is a common surgical procedure for people suffering from severe osteoarthritis, which often – but not in all cases – leads to improved physical function, and reduced pain and disability.

The challenge facing the Activity Informatics team was not only to establish how feasible it is for accelerometers to track and improve patient outcomes in practice, but more specifically, how they might improve outcomes for osteoarthritis patients undergoing total knee replacements. Read more here.

What are the benefits?

  • Peace of mind for successful study completion (robust, powerful, significant, impactful, publishable and ethical)
  • Maximisation of outputs and outcomes from the data collected
  • Completeness of data and defined outcomes
  • Cost effective, pay-as-you-go service with low upfront investment in equipment and expertise

Who we work with

The service is designed for health and population surveillance researchers and service providers, who currently use or would like to use wearable devices for the measurement of lifestyle, activity and sleep. 

Contact us

To find out more about how Activity Informatics can help you please contact Melvyn Hillsdon:

Join our webinar

Find out more about us at our online event, Activity Informatics: A complete service for the measurement of lifestyle - 26 January 2022

Who we are

The Activity Informatics team have considerable experience in mathematical and computational modelling of raw acceleration data. The team can assist with data cleaning and calibrating, determining wear/non-wear and extracting the most appropriate physical activity outcomes relevant to the research question. We use secure, open data standards for the responsible use of personal data, giving confidence to both study staff and participants.

Spotlight on Melvyn Hillsdon, Associate Professor of Physical Activity and Population Health

The focus of Melvyn’s research is physical activity epidemiology and public health. He has published a number of articles on exercise promotion and has been involved in the evaluation of a number of large community exercise interventions in the UK.

His current research is directed towards understanding neighbourhood influences on physical activity with a view to better understanding inequalities in physical activity. He is an accredited trainer in Motivational Interviewing and co-authored the book ‘Changing Eating & Exercise Behaviour: A handbook for professionals’.

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