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 Ellie Hassan

Ellie Hassan

PhD Student

 Baring Court 


Baring Court, University of Exeter St Luke's Campus, Heavitree Road, Exeter, EX1 2LU, UK


I am a PhD candidate on the SWBio DTP programme, funded jointly by the BBSRC and the ESRC.

My PhD aims to determine whether mental and physical fatigue affect our hand movements when we perform common tasks such as picking up an object. My research interests are broad, covering aspects of physiology, cognition, sensorimotor control, perception, and ageing. Outwith my PhD subjects I am interested in Open Research and policy.

As of February 2024, I have submitted my thesis and am working in policy.


MSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology - University of Edinburgh
BSc (Hons) Psychology - University of Dundee




Journal articles

Hassan EK, Jones AM, Buckingham G (2023). A novel protocol to induce mental fatigue. Behavior Research Methods, 56(4), 3995-4008. Abstract.
Hassan EK, Sedda A, Buckingham G, McIntosh RD (2020). The size-weight illusion in visual form agnosic patient DF. Neurocase, 26(5), 277-284. Abstract.  Author URL.

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I am passionate about statistics and research design, driven largely by my keen interest in Open Research. I have 5 years of teaching experience in:

  • ESS1701 - Introduction to Statistics
  • ESS2303/4 - Research Methods and Analytical Procedures (UG)
  • SHSM024 - Research Methods & Analytical Procedures (PG)
  • ESS2222 - Motor Control
  • ESS1006 - Human Anatomy and Kinanthropometry
  • Statistics Helpdesk
  • Ethics Helpdesk

Supervision / Group

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