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Dr Jane Schneiderman

Dr Jane Scheiderman

Dr Jane Schneiderman works at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, as a Registered Kinesiologist in the Division of Respiratory Medicine, and in the Exercise Medicine Lab in Physiology and Experimental Medicine in the Research Institute. In clinical practice Jane liaises with physicians and allied health care providers using exercise testing to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of patients from a variety of clinical backgrounds, while educating and promoting Exercise as Medicine.

Jane’s research has focused on the relationship between physical activity and lung health in individuals with cystic fibrosis, while collaborating on projects using exercise science to elucidate the pathophysiology of disease across a broad spectrum of chronic diseases in children. Jane completed her PhD at the University of Toronto in Exercise Science with a focus on cardiorespiratory exercise physiology, and is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education at the U of T.

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