Suzanne Scott
PhD Student


Research interests

Project Title: The effects of Diverse Movement High Intensity Interval Training (DM-HIIT) on Bone Health

Supervisors: Associate Professor Dr Karen Knapp (Medical School) and Associate Professor Dr Joanna Bowtell (SHS). External Advisor: Professor Peter Krustrup (SDU, Odense, Denmark)

Funding Body: 2015- Self-Funded; 2012-2015 FIFA.

Project Description:

High intensity actions associated with football, such as cutting, lateral and linear accelerations and jumping, have been combined in a choreography that can be practised individually or in a group setting. As an intervention this has been examined acutely in premenopausal sedentary women, elite male footballers and elite male and female dancers. Training studies using this approach have also been undertaken in sedentary females, and male and female dancers in professional training. Bone change in response to exposure to DM-HIIT has been studied using ultrasound heel scanning and bone turnover markers, and movement profile characterised using GPS and accelerometry data to track movement performance and training load.


Short duration small-sided football and to a lesser extent whole body vibration exercise induce acute changes in markers of bone turnover. Bowtell J, Jackman SR, Scott S, Connolly LJ, Mohr M, Ermidis G, Julian R, Yousefian F, Helge EW, Jørgensen NR, Fulford J, Knapp K, Krustrup P. (2016) Biomed Res Int.

Treatment of hip microinstability and gluteal tendinopathies involves movement control and exercise. McNeill W, Scott S. (2016) JBMT editorial

Serum Vitamin D status in elite male and female dancers: a 12 week observational study. Scott S., Knapp K., Krustrup K., Broderick A., Fulford F., and Bowtell J. (2016) NOS

Effects of small-volume soccer and vibration training on body composition, aerobic fitness, and muscular PCr kinetics for inactive women aged 20–45. Connolly, L, Scott S, Mohr M, Ermidis G, Julian R, Bangsbo J, Jackman SR, Bowtell JL, Davies RC, Hopkins SJ, Seymour R, Knapp KM, Krustrup P, Fulford J.  J Sport Health Sci. 2014 3.4: 284-292

Musculoskeletal health profile for elite female footballers versus untrained young women before and after 16 weeks of football training. Jackman SR, Scott S, Randers MB, Orntoft C, Blackwell J, Zar A, Helge EW, Mohr M, Krustrup P.J Sports Sci. 2013;31(13):1468-74

Physiological responses and performance in a simulated trampoline gymnastics competition in elite male gymnasts. Jensen P, Scott S, Krustrup P, Mohr M. J Sports Sci. 2013;31(16):1761-9

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