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Professor Neil ArmstrongProfessor of Paediatric Physiology+44 (0) 1392 722602Baring Court
Dr Alan BarkerSenior Lecturer in Paediatric Exercise and Health +44 (0) 1392 722766Baring Court BC25
Dr Matthew BlackPostdoctoral Research Fellow+44 (0) 1392 722893Diabetes and Vascular Research Centre 11
Dr Bert BondLecturer+44 (0) 1392 724903Richards Building RB105c
Professor Joanna BowtellProfessor/Head of Department+44 (0) 1392 722869Richards Building RB104b
Dr Gavin BuckinghamSenior Lecturer+44 (0) 1392 724812Richards Building RB16
Matthew CampbellAssociate Lecturer+44 (0) 1392 724928Richards Building
Dr Sharon DixonSenior Lecturer in Sports Biomechanics+44 (0) 1392 724712Richards Building RB111
Professor Roger EstonHonorary Professor
Dr Timothy EtheridgeSenior Lecturer+44 (0) 1392 722158Richards Building RB112
Dr Dominic FarrisSenior Lecturer+44 (0) 1392 722490Richards Building
Dr Melvyn HillsdonAssociate Professor+44 (0) 1392 722868Richards Building RB104A
Dr Sarah JackmanLecturer in Physiology and Nutrition+44 (0) 1392 722878Richards Building RB103
Professor Andrew JonesAssociate Dean Research and Knowledge Transfer / Professor of Applied Physiology+44 (0) 1392 722886Richards Building RB107
Will KateneSenior Lecturer in Education and Subject Leader, Secondary PGCE Physical Education Course+44 (0) 1392 724756Baring Court BC124
Dr Brad MetcalfSenior Lecturer+44 (0) 1392 724896Richards Building RB105B
Dr Lisa PriceLecturer+44 (0) 1392 724720Richards Building RB102
Dr Richard PulsfordLecturer in Physical Activity and Health+44 (0) 1392 722861Richards Building RB106
Dr Hannah RiceLecturer in Biomechanics+44 (0) 1392 724722Richards Building RB108
Dr Nadine SammyAssociate Lecturer+44 (0)1392 724747Haighton 27
Professor Francis StephensProfessor+44 (0) 1392 722157Richards Building RB113
Dr Victoria StilesSenior Lecturer in Sports Biomechanics+44 (0) 1392 722885Richards Building RB103A
Dr Anni VanhataloAssociate Professor of Exercise Physiology+44 (0) 1392 722815Richards Building RB114
Dr Sam VineAssociate Professor Psychology+44 (0) 1392 722892Richards Building RB18
Dr Dimitris VlachopoulosLecturer+44 (0) 1392 727048Baring Court 012
Dr Benjamin WallSenior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition+44 (0) 1392 724774Richards Building RB101
Dr Daryl WilkersonSenior Lecturer/Director of Education+44 (0) 1392 724701Richards Building RB110
Dr Genevieve WilliamsLecturer+44 (0) 1392 723899Richards Building RB14
Professor Craig WilliamsProfessor of Paediatric Physiology and Health/Director of Research+44 (0) 1392 724890Baring Court 24
Professor Mark WilsonProfessor+44 (0) 1392 722891Richards Building 105A
Dr Richard WinsleyAssociate Professor and Associate Dean Education (CLES)+44 (0) 1392 726726Baring Court BC12