Operation Ouch

Professor Craig Williams with Dr Chris. Operation Ouch will be available on the BBC iPlayer until 16th March.

University of Exeter academic appears on award-winning children's medical show

A University of Exeter academic has demonstrated his internationally-renowned work to improve young people’s health on an award winning children’s medical show.

Professor Craig Williams, Director of the Children’s Health and Exercise Research Centre (CHERC) has appeared on the CBBC medical programme, Operation Ouch, to show his current research to help children who have had heart operations use exercise more effectively.

In the episode “Doctors on Duty”, which allows viewers to observe children’s response to exercise and health, Professor Williams demonstrates the equipment he uses to measure the effect of exercise on children who have had heart operations by using an ultrasound and oxygen machine.

BAFTA award-winning Operation Ouch is fronted by identical twins Dr Chris and Dr Xand van Tulleken who reveal incredible facts about the human body. The two doctors run experiments to show what the human body is capable of, and de-mystify what happens in hospitals.

Professor Williams said: “I really enjoy working with young people as part of my research, and it was great to explain what I do to Dr Chris and to take part in the programme. Hopefully the episode in which I feature will be of interest to children and their parents in helping them to understand the importance exercise has on the heart, especially for patients with life-long conditions.

“I’m working to get exercise embedded as a prescription within the NHS for children with chronic illness, and to get doctors and their support teams thinking about how to use exercise in the best way for these young people.”

“Often after successful surgery, for example, parents are worried about the impact exercise can have on their son or daughter, but used correctly it can have a very positive effect on both their physical and psychological health.

“The programme-makers filmed a young adolescent boy exercising on our specially adapted exercise bike I use, and the echocardiogram readings and measurements my collaborator Dr Guido Pieles take.”

Operation Ouch broadcast  at 5pm on Monday 15 February on CBBC and can be viewed on the BBC iPlayer until 16th March.

Professor Williams appears from 21:00 onwards and in the same episode Dr Chris and Dr Xand will explain the power of eyes and why skin goes wrinkly in the bath.

Date: 26 February 2016

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